Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweet Gesture

When i arrived at work the power was out over several city blocks.   Yay!   that's always fun.   there were several people in the lobby being just fine.  then one bitch comes in with her brood demanding to know why we don't have electricity.  she's just fine with all other businesses & homes around us being w/o power, but we're a hotel!   golly geez!   she compared us to a friggin' hospital.  hospitals have power when the power is down.  people depend on them.  old people, small children, critical patients..."  then she made some racist remarks about the indian that owned the hotel.  so, i called the owner in front of her & told him what she said about the elec being out & the remarks she said about him.  she looked very embarrassed.   Fuck You lady!  Anyway....  b/c of her bullshit the other ppl in the lobby got stirred up asking for refunds etc..... i got a huge headache.... it was 76 degrees in here.... I spilled pepsi all over the carpet & i had my shoes off to help me cool down so my socks were wet & sticky...  Yes, I was a happy person.    So, X packed up some asprin, socks & a pill cutter & walked the 2 miles from our apartment to my job to bring me socks & asprin.  he didn't ask... he just did it.  he's still here with me.  we've been visiting all night.   i'm happy.  ^.^