Friday, June 3, 2011

Saz's Screenshot Challenge: # 1 - Favorite Hangout

SAZ's 15 Day Screenshot Challenge is something i'm looking forward to doing... although, it's probably not going to be a constant daily post for me.  I rarely get online when i'm at home.  I'm always online at work... so, when i'm home, i'm usually not.  xD     Ok, here we go!

I started out as alliance when I started playing WoW in April 2007.  After 2 weeks of immature behavior & rude comments to every question I had... I deleted my human & made a Belf.  (I bought WoW & BC at the same time.)   I still have 4 hordies.  They loved to hang out here in the UC before WotLK came out & Dalaran was all the rage to be.

 When Dal became the place to be, here was where I liked to hang out & chat.  Tons of ppl using the north bank.  Always buzzing with life... UNTIL the portals went away...   -_-


I switched Flutter (my main) to alliance in July 2010 b/c the asshats* seemed to be moving from alliance to the horde & X was miserable.  They always seem to pick on him for some reason I've yet to figure out.  He wanted to go back to the alliance... so, i changed Flutter from a Belf to a Dranei.  I still miss being a Belf.  =/  Anyway, things were great the first several months.  In October, however, stuff happened....X & I quit playing WoW due to financial reasons (moving, deposits, only 1 income, etc...).  When we were financially able to start playing again in December, my aunt passed away & i lost the desire to play.  It's now June 2011 & I am guildless on all my toons.... WoW has changed a ton.... i'm unsure of the horde b/c i haven't been playing.  I'm unsure of the alliance for the same reason.... I miss Dalaran... I used to love hanging out in IF with Flutter, but since Cata came out IF is dead like UC is....  *sob*

So, where do Flutter & the rest of my alts like to hang out now?    Who knows...

I can't seem to find a place I'm happy with on any toon.  Although, I would like to say that if I could get into that "Rapunzel tower" behind me.... that would be the place.    lol

*now, i'm not saying everyone who plays alliance is an asshat.  please don't be offended!!!  it just so happens, however, that on the server i am on... there were a  LARGE  number of asshats who seemed to be on the alliance &  NOT  on the horde - at least for a while.  


  1. I'm sure you'll find a happy place to reside eventually. Sometimes it just takes some time before you gravitate towards a place you like. That tower does look mighty fun to hang out in btw ^_^