Friday, June 3, 2011

My Fair Ladies...

After I finished SAZ's challenge (see the post right below this one), I decided to do the silly thing of taking screenies of all my toons on games I'm currently playing.  

I took multiple pics of my Guild Wars girls b/c GW has the awesome thing of when you get to max armor you can buy vanity armor & NOT look like everyone else like WoW does.  The armor is also able to be dyed.  Which.  Is.  Awesome. 

Lita.  my mage.  she has the most armor out of all my GW girls.  Ele armor in this game is the prettiest to me.  Mesmer armor is next... although, i don't have much mesmer armor.   =/

Isi.  I borrowed her name.  She's my dervish.  I love her hair.

Flutter.  My main.  Monk - heals.  I love to heal.  it's so fun!!!  Monk armor in GW is primarily tattoos.  ^.^

This is one of the costumes they offer.  it's one of the gowns of one of the goddesses in GW.

Kur.  my ritualist.  their armor is cloth & tattoos.  i don't like the low end rit armor much, so i keep her in a costume most of the time.  

here she is in a formal attire costume.

Sappho, my warrior.  :)

Yes.  Those are her glutes.
Flower.  My hunter.  i don't like lowbie hunter armor much either.  so, she stays in the costume below. 

My hunter in one of the costumes of one of the gods.  

Hamunaptra - my necro.  Here she is in her scar armor.

i love her face.  she has a pretty face for a toon.
Dita... my mesmer in a costume that was made for the halloween festival.  :)

Dita in mesmer armor.

My WoW girls...
My hunter Criglet in all her Belfy smexyness & her pet Melpomene.

My druid Sarah in Nelf form.

Sarah in kitteh form.

Bron, my mage.  ^.^

Flutter - my main.  Priest - holy & shadow.  I miss her as a belf.

Kur.  My lock.

My Rift ladies....
This is Flutter's newest game form.  She's a cleric.  Healy & dps. 

This is Bron.  a mage.  Now... I tried to get this photo to be right side up, however, i can't find ANY way to do it.  i'm sorry about that.  apparently in Rift, you cannot take screenshots of ANY new toons... not even on your character creation screen.  it's stupid.  so, i took this photo with my phone.  on my computer it's the way it should be.  uploaded here.... it's sideways.  >.>

As far as Kur... i haven't made her yet.  i'll upload a pic of her in a bit.


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