Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rude Men

When a woman goes to give me her credit card to pay she will either hand it to me, or set it down on the counter within my reach.....  

When it's a man... 85% of the time they either toss it at me (You know, flick their wrist so it lands in my general direction & then slides towards me on the counter.), or set it down right in front of them & i have to stretch over the counter to get the damn card (we have a very wide counter at work & i'm only 5'2".).   

I've asked this many times & someone said, "well, maybe you're being rude?"   I'm not b/c we get a lot of comment cards turned in here & I've only ever had positive comments about me.  Our manager displays all comment cards turned in... good & bad ones.  

So, it's not me.
Rude bunch of bastards.

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