Friday, May 20, 2011


He drank while i was at work.  as i feared, we got annoyed with each other, & of course it was my fault because "i'm too uptight".

I don't like being around him when he drinks.

Ok, for those that will read this.... here's something you should know.  my b/f was a drug addict.  (or still is....what is it they say?  once you're an addict/alcoholic/gambler you're one for life?)  he is still a bit immature & he realizes he needs to mature up a bit.  he's got the mentality that life sucks w/o a buzz, & while i don't mind drinking with him from time to time... i don't feel like you have to have a buzz every day to get through life.  when he drinks, he doesn't drink like me & my friends do.  we drink & get buzzed... keep it that way.  he likes to get shit faced drunk.  i hate that.  when he drinks like that, captain asshole surfaces.  we get on each other's nerves... bad.   -_-

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